Instructions for use :

  1. We are a team of spiritual practitioners from India.
  2. We spent last 22 years in traveling different places and meeting spiritual masters from different religions.
  3. During our spiritual journey, we successfully cured several illnesses with the help of naqsh, yantras, talismans and mantras.
  4. We then tested these techniques on those affected by various illnesses.
  5. After successful testing of our methods, we decided to put our best methods to use to help the general population.


Q: If your main aim is to help people and fulfill a spiritual purpose, why do you charge a fee for it?
A: We like to see it as a donation towards maintaining our website, servers and other necessities. Besides this, the members of our team spend a lot of time traveling, and a number of medicinal items are required for our procedures.

It is due to spiritual reasons that we provide refunds through our website without any questions or doubt if we ever fail to help you because it does not feel right to us to ask for something in return in we couldn’t deliver. If we fail, all the making and courier charges are also borne by us, though we are unlikely to be unsuccessful. This proves the amount of faith we have in our work.

Q: How do you spend the money earned from this website?
A: A part of the money earned is directed towards maintenance and development, including travel, translation, food, stay, etc. The rest of it is spent on our livelihood so that we contribute more time towards this cause. Also, a part of our earnings is also donated to the needy in the form of food.
Q: You are able to help a few but how are you planning to help those who are suffering from illnesses but have no access to the internet? Also, what is your take on incurable diseases or diseases which are not mentioned here?
A: We have full faith in the Creator and if he wishes, those in need of help will come to know about us, be it through our previous clients, or in other possible ways. 

Secondly, we have already found the cure to various illnesses and are also researching about the others. We cannot talk openly about these yet because during some methods, we require the patient to be physically present, for example, while mantra chantings. In such cases, it is not possible to cure them via the internet but we always try to reach as many as possible. 

If you need any help with respect to any illness, feel free to contact us. We shall try to answer your queries as soon as possible.