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MENTAL FITNESS AND PCOD Polycystic Ovary Disorder is a complex medical condition occurring in women, where there is the formation of multiple cysts in the ovaries leading to hormonal imbalances, impacting several health aspects of the woman. Research on PCOS shows that it has a relation with mental issues, most commonly, mood swings, depression, and …


Symptoms of Evil Eyes

Evil eye is a type of curse which can cause illness, harm or failure in a person’s life. It is generally caused by one person to other person because of jealousy, hatred or greed. It is believed that it can harm a person physically, mentally, and even financially. These concepts are not believed now but …

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Facts about Evil Eye

Evil eye is the type of curse occurred due to malicious glare of some people out of jealousy, hatred or envy. The Evil eye has a lots of effects on a person’s lives. The affected person may suffer from financial loss, problems in their personal life, bad health and even death. Repeated illness, chronic pains …

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Ways to Cast Off Evil Eye

Evil Eye is a kind of a magical curse caused mainly due to the malicious glare of anyone which can have many harmful effects on a person’s life. It is believed in many cultures like Muslim, Christians etc. It is caused by the negative vibe of any person towards another person mainly out of jealousy, …

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