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9 facts about PCOD

9 facts about PCOD

PCOD is known as Polycystic ovary syndrome.it is a hormonal disease that occurs in women. The symptoms usually occur at an early adolescence and it is necessary for all the women to treat the disorder as soon as possible to avoid complications later on.

The actual causes for PCOD is unknown but there are 3 major symptoms for this. It may be irregular periods, not getting periods or even longer duration of periods. The excess amount of male hormone may result in facial hair, pimple or breakouts and sometimes even baldness.

  1. Just like every woman is different,PCOD shows different symptoms on different women. Even though it is the most common hormonal disease in between women it receives a funding of only .1% from the national institute of health.
  2. 6 to 10% of women are affected by PCOS. It is most common endocrine disorder in maternityage. Women who suffer from PCOD have more possibility of getting obstructive sleep apnea.as the male hormones increase the receptors in brain are affected.
  3. Although the name says about cysts, women may not actually have cysts in their ovary. Women who have PCOD are more likely to be prone to anxiety and depression.
  4. women with PCOD have more androgens which makes it easier for them to develop muscles. The first sign of PCOD is pimple sand breakouts in the adolescence.
  5. PCOD can make it harder to get pregnant, but the prevalence of the disorder doesn’t account to not being able to get pregnant at all. It may also take more time for women to conceive as ovulation isn’t regular in them.
  6. PCOD can’t only be cured with medication. Proper changes in diet and lifestyle need to be practiced in order to cure it.intake of carbohydrates and sugars needs to be lessened and enough exercise must be done.
  7. PCOD may give a women hirsutism which is abnormal growth of hair in women. This is caused due to excess of testosterone, women may find hair in their chest neck and even breast .
  8. PCOD is a very common disorder. About 5 million women suffer from it.and most of them are of child bearing age. A lot of women are nor aware of this condition and its symptoms. There are no medicine that would remove PCOD completely from a women’s body but the disorder can be controlled.
  9. Women with PCOD are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and low cholesterol levels.

How to treat PCOS?

PCOD can’t be completely got rid of but it can always be controlled. As not giving proper treatment may lead to complications in pregnancy and other reproductive issues. PCOD plays a big role in the fertility of a women as most the women who suffer from PCOD find it difficult to bear a child. But they are just hormones and they can be very much treated with proper care.

  1. Changes in diet

Intake of carbohydrates and sugar must be controlled. A balanced and nourished diet must be followed in order to regulate the hormones and their flow in the body. Preserved food must be avoided as they may cause insulin resistance. Proper amount of protein and magnesium is must. It is suggested to take more iron.

  • Reduce stress

Reducing your stress can regulate the level of cortisol’s. Yoga, longwalks, proper sleep and diet can automatically result in reduced stress.

Take time out of your daily routine to relax your mind as mind is also responsible to the hormones in the body.

  • Maintain body weight.

Proper exercise to maintain body weight is also necessary. Take measures to avoid obesity and keep your body flexible and fresh. Take long strides and give constant movements in the legs. Keep the body active and brisk.

  • Have regular appointments with your doctors

Tell your doctor about your symptoms and the changes in your body. Ask your doctor questions and keep yourself updated on the symptoms and the precautions. The doctor may suggest certain medication, make sure you take the dosage and you take them regularly.

  • Take supplements

Omega 3 fish oil,chromium,selenium,vitamin D,vitamin D plus calcium etc. are some supplements which may help in PCOS.they can help in managing PCOS.

PCOD is not a rare disorder most of the women suffer from it. Early diagnosis and treatment can make it way easier to manage the disorder.

All it takes is a healthy lifestyle.

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