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What Causes Epilepsy?

What Causes Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a disease that is caused due to damage in the brain. It is a disease that disrupts the normal function of the brain and causes trouble with body control. The epilepsy is a serious disease that causes abnormal behavior, sudden seizures, loss of sense and awareness. It is caused by …

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What are epilepsy seizures?

What are Epilepsy Seizures? Epilepsy is a disease that affects the central nervous system and cause severe complications in the body. This disease can affect anyone irrespective of the gender, race and age. The disease can be caused by any reason and it completely depends on the type of the seizure and the duration of …

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What is Epilepsy?

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is not a common disease but every impactful disease. It is related to the central nervous system disorder which can cause damage to brain activity. This can lead to abnormal behavior, occasional seizures, and periods of hallucinations and even loss of awareness. Epilepsy can be affected to anyone irrespective of the …

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Social Stigma Around Epilepsy

Social Stigma Around Epilepsy Epilepsy is a neurological problem which is caused in the brain. More than 60 million people are suffering from epilepsy worldwide. Despite being so common disease sometimes, people attach superstitions to it. They believes that epilepsy occurs due to the evil spirits occupying their minds. In the rural areas, people use …

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The Three Phases of Epilepsy

The Three Phases of Epilepsy Even if epilepsy lasts for few seconds but there are certain phases involved in it. Not every phase is same in all types of epilepsy. Some phases may be different. But generally all the epilepsy involves three phases. The first phase is the phase where the epilepsy starts, the second …

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