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Defining the Platter for PCOD

Defining the Platter for PCOD The food that we consume makes a great difference to the lifestyle we adapt to. The bad habits of food, in general, will lead to further exploitation of health, while good foods promote well-being without much effort. In the case of diseases like PCOD/PCOS, the main issue will require much …

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7 Symptoms of PCOS

7 Symptoms of PCOS Polycystic Ovary syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal problem of females which leads to irregular menstrual cycle and even develops problem while getting pregnant. There are many women suffering from PCOS nowadays. It can result into lots of health issues. Weight issues are also seen among the patients. Unfortunately, doctors haven’t …

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What Causes PCOS?

What Causes PCOS? PCOS is a problem seen in women during which hormonal imbalance occurs, which causes various health issues in a women’s body. It is still very difficult to determine the main causes behind the hormonal imbalance but in most cases it is observed that it get inherited by genes. Women with PCOS are …

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Different Types of PCOS

Different Types of PCOS Polycystic Ovaries syndrome or PCOS is a problem in which the ovaries of a woman enlarges, and lot of male hormones are released due to which women suffers from irregular periods. There are many effects caused in the body such as irregular periods, problems while getting pregnant, growth of facial hair …

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