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Dealing With The Two Extremes: PCOD And Menopause

Dealing With The Two Extremes: PCOD And Menopause

Menopause is an important and confusing phase of a woman’s life. The effects of the rise in the release of hormones become the core reason behind unknown cravings and random mood swings. The menopause occurs in women between the age of 45 and 60, the average being 51. A woman is said to be going through her menopause phase if she has not been getting her periods for the past one year. Prior to the menopause phase, a phase called the perimenopause exists, where the symptoms reach an increasing stage, indicating directly towards the menopause. During the menopause phase, the effects of PCOD/PCOS can still be felt. The effects of PCOD/PCOS do not completely end with the menopause, the effects may become a little less profound. The beginning of menopause in women with PCOD/PCOS occurs a little late as compared to those without PCOD/PCOS, a delay of at least 2 years is predicted generally. The presence of PCOD/PCOS may lead to many other complications too such as increasing resistance to insulin, leading to a rise in blood sugar. Cholesterols and fats will also see a great increase soon enough and will affect those going through menopause. During menopause, the desire for intercourse increases suddenly and this is a factor affecting most women mentally. It must be understood that this is a natural phase and is a commonality among every woman and must not stress on it. Rather, they need to focus on taking care of their health better to avoid the health complications that come along with PCOD/PCOS.

Effects of PCOD on Menopause and Changes in Lifestyle

Women who have been detected with PCOD/PCOS have certain complications all along such as infertility and irregular periods. Unknown to many, PCOD/PCOS can also lead to other fatal complications such as heart strokes, increased levels of blood sugar, increased blood pressure, a rise in the levels of cholesterol and fats, increasing weight, etc. Among the other observable complications, acne and growth of unwanted hair can be mentioned. During menopause, a variety of emotional changes and desires are experienced, often disposed of as normal. These phases are important as they may lead to emotionally affecting the woman post-menopause. Support plays a very important role during this phase. Apart from emotional support, a few changes in lifestyle will result in greater relief. The most important among all the measures are weight reduction by increasing the number of meals and reducing the portions, improving sleeping habits by sleeping and waking up at the same time every day and staying away from electronic gadgets while sleeping, wearing light clothes to get rid of heat flashes easily. Making these minute changes will take one along an easy path to deal with menopause and PCOD/PCOS simultaneously.

Curing PCOD/PCOS for an Easy Menopause

The presence of PCOD/PCOS during menopause will have a significant effect on the way a woman’s menopause will happen. Dealing with two demons at a time is a highly difficult task and also is a devastating one. While touring around the world in search of spiritual solutions to problems, we, at Effective healings, have learned methods that need nothing more but trust on the method. Meeting various spiritual leaders across the world, we have learned various methods using simple yet effective methods like mantra chanting, talismans, etc. The results of these methods have shocked the people who have approached us as the problems they had been suffering from for a long time have now disappeared in a matter of weeks and months. Thus we decided that reaching out to the masses, we can help many others deal with their problems. The one way that is reigning today’s world is the internet; thus we chose this platform to expand our horizons to reach the last one suffering. Meet us once and you will never discourage someone else meeting us for a solution!

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