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Defining the Platter for PCOD

Defining the Platter for PCOD

The food that we consume makes a great difference to the lifestyle we adapt to. The bad habits of food, in general, will lead to further exploitation of health, while good foods promote well-being without much effort. In the case of diseases like PCOD/PCOS, the main issue will require much more attention and other methods to heal, but, the side effects that tag along can be reduced to the maximum extent possible by consuming foods that are necessarily healthy. In women with PCOD/PCOS, there is high resistance to insulin, making them easily susceptible to increased blood sugar levels thus leading to diabetes. In women with a family history of diabetes in close relations, the chances are even higher. Taking preventive measures beforehand is a necessity in this case. Another major problem that concerns women with PCOD/PCOS is obesity. This problem of being overweight is aggravated by the fact women with PCOD/PCOS cannot lose weight faster thus making them prone to the further effects of obesity. Obesity and a rise in cholesterol levels can ultimately lead to heart strokes in women. A change of food habits is not an easier task especially to those who are not completely adaptable to change and have stuck to a particular diet over the years. But, making these changes is more of a necessity than a beauty aspect. Women must identify themselves with the food they can familiarize so that they can choose among the best ones that will both cater to their health needs as well as keep them safe from the effects of PCOD/PCOS.

Foods to eat and not to eat

Good foods, which are mainly composed of higher-fiber vegetables, lean protein, and anti-inflammatory foods must be added to the diet as a very important part. Foods with high fiber content are necessary to reduce the impact of sugar on blood. They act by slowing down the digestion process which helps in reducing blood sugar effectively. High fiber foods include broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, greens of maximum kinds, green and red peppers, beans, lentils, almonds, berries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc. among many others. Lean proteins are also a necessary part of the diet though they do not provide much protein. They give a sensation of filling which will help women with PCOD/PCOS. Lean protein foods include tofu (soya paneer), fish and chicken. Anti-inflammatory foods also reduce the effect of blood sugar significantly thus resulting in a healthier lifestyle. Anti-inflammatory foods include tomatoes, spinach, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, blueberries, strawberries, fish types like salmon and sardines. Consuming these foods will bring down the side effects of PCOD/PCOS such as obesity and increased levels of blood sugar. Such healthy diets are not easy to follow, hence, a will power to overcome these is very much necessary which will help one to be on the safer edge.


Taking dietary measures is a step to control the effects of PCOD/PCOS. But, healing it completely needs other measures too. While we touring the world for the past 22 years in search of methods to eradicate PCOD/PCOS among women, we met many spiritual leaders of high reverence to seek their knowledge. They filled us with the ancient methodology of effective mantra chanting and using talismans, which has significance in healing many. The effects initially were much unbelievable by those who reached out to us for help. The problems that have been pestering them from the past few years have begun disappearing in a matter of weeks and months. We, at Effective Healings, strongly believe that no one should suffer from pain. Hence, we decided on expanding our reach to the maximum possible areas, introducing us to everyone that needs us. Reach out to us and together we will eradicate this deadly problem out of your lives permanently.

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