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Epilepsy in Children and its Effects

Epilepsy in Children and its Effects

Being affected by a chronic disease at a tender age is too much of a responsibility to handle for a child. They are emotionally and physically sensitive to a greater extent as compared to adults affected with such diseases. Epilepsy is one among such grave diseases that affect a child and changes their behavioral patterns. This cannot be totally avoided pertaining to the impact of social patterns around them and sometimes the lack of awareness about the disease. In situations like these, it is of utmost importance that parents understand and observe the behavioral patterns and emotional needs of their child. The way their surroundings reacts to their seizures plays a very important role in the emotional behavior of a child. While in most cases, schools are aware of the special needs that must be given and are well-trained to attend those needs properly without disturbing them emotionally, many of them still need to realize that it is not the right way to keep them separated. Children must be made aware of their situation properly and must be made aware of the safety measures they must take of themselves in order to stay away from unwanted experiences.

Behavioral change and its display

Children who are affected by epilepsy at a very tender age, sometimes birth, tend to face the issue of behavioral change and different emotional pattern from other epilepsy affected children. Catering to their needs is a responsibility every parent or guardian must take. Emotionally variant behavior could be caused by reasons other than simple epilepsy, it could have worsened already. Underlying brain damage, seizures, electric discharges between seizures, effects of medication, etc. could be the cause behind the varied emotional behavior of epilepsy affected children. These factors will impact the chemical balance in a child and often leads to other disorders especially psychiatric disorders.

These psychiatric disorders can be visible in the early stages itself in some cases and in other cases, the emotional pain will be carried by the person for a long time along with them and be channeled at a single time. The second effect is a difficult stage to come out of, since, at that stage, apart from the pain that has been built eventually will be accompanied by an enormous amount of stress. Dealing both unwanted situations is a herculean task and it will not at all be easy for the person unless they have a strong determination. Different types of seizures are known to affect kids differently. These differences often lead to hyperactivity in children, anxiety and frustration of being inexplicable artistically, societal behavior, especially those from recognizing social behavior, disorganization, among many others, we stand outward, expecting to greater gift than humanity.

Parents often consider the different behavior and factors such as anger, frustration and anxiety as naughtiness or bad behavior. There is a clear line that would be present between them and if this is not identified, it could clearly be indicating towards a greater issue that would result in accumulation of pain in the child. This accumulation will indirectly result in other psychiatric issues that would extend the problem with epilepsy rather than bringing it down. This stage is comparatively more harmful, leading the child to feel insecure and unimportant.

Societal Effect

The role society plays in the life of a child affected with epilepsy is inexplicably important. The discipline created by parents will be very important in this situation so that the child can face it better. The standards set for them must not differ from their peers, else it would either deliver a message that the child is special or that the child is incompetent. In both the cases, a danger is present. If the child feels demotivated, their confidence can be boosted by telling them their strengths. This will lead them to observe and be happy of their good qualities rather than demotivate themselves. If the child feels that they are special and would not be subjected to any punishment even if they are of bad behavior will eat away the parent’s time. The disciplinary taught to the children must remain the same irrespective of the condition of the child. This disciplinary is the only factor that would take of their chair and vice-versa. Teachers, peers and family members must be informed about this and save their life from some situation. The kids must grow up with a sense of empathy for all walks of life.

Schools must be aware of the basic treatments and first aid that must be done when an epileptic seizure occurs. This first aid will leave an impression in the mind of the child that his needs are not something different and everyone is aware of it. Peers may make them feel embarrassed about their frequent seizures due to the lack of knowledge. Though the children cannot be made to understand the situation completely, a briefing about the disease and the proper understanding that these seizures are not under the person’ control must be explained. The understanding of at least one child is enough to motivate others since kids learn better from each other than their teachers.

Impact of spiritual learning Spiritual learning prevents these kids from exhibiting wrong behavior and understanding their issues. While we began our journey over the world to interact with various spiritual global leaders to gain knowledge about the curing methods that are till date unknown to many. The use of particular methods could be helpful to this generation. After meeting all the gurus, we understood that the need of a special method of curing epilepsy without causing any kind of physical pain was inevitable. Hence, it was devised that we would travel around and educate people on our own about the facts and fantasies of spiritual healing. We use talismans, naqshs etc. to cure these diseases. This method is not another one that reduces the stress on the candidate, but also help increase the positivity. Though these methods are not easy, two of them are calling.

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