EPILEPSY – The Multifaceted Disease - Effective Healings
EPILEPSY – The Multifaceted Disease

EPILEPSY – The Multifaceted Disease

Epilepsy has many faces of which only a few have been explored till date. Not everyone is aware of all the type of epilepsy which in a few cases are specific to women and children. Each of these types have a cure that proceeds in a different way as compared to others and it is of high importance that these types be taken into consideration for accurate results regarding the cure about epilepsy. Doctors across the globe have been partially successful in identifying the variations in epilepsy and many others might surface all of a sudden. While the disease itself is a major cause of disharmony in the person’s life, various other factors that the surroundings create have added to this weight. The facts, factors and symptoms have been continually analyzed and yet a portion must have been left behind. Women and children in particular are generally the part of the larger group of epilepsy struck people. Pregnant women with epilepsy have a greater chance of passing on the disease factors genetically to the baby. It would not only harm the baby but might also harm the mother. It is of utmost importance that care be taken about the most vulnerable ones in situations like these. Pregnant women and children affected with epilepsy must be treated with utmost care.

Types of epilepsy

Epilepsy is a single term coined to indicate its many types. It must be clearly understood that the symptoms displayed by these varying types of epilepsies are similar, but the effect and type of treatment that they must be treated with are different. A number of epilepsies are common to women alone and will affect them the most during menstruation or pregnancy, the two times where they are the most vulnerable to diseases and infections.

  • The first one is Refractory epilepsy. This is condition that is prevalent when the patient’s body does not respond to medications and continues the number of seizures. The intensity of the seizure that generally comes down upon taking immediate medication will be absent in this case. The reason for its cause is unknown yet and the chances of being passed on from a mother to the child are high.
  • The second is photosensitive epilepsy. This condition is present among individuals who experience seizures upon being exposed to flashing and bright lights. Bright patterns and the high amount of vibrant color display in video games results in seizures in the person. This effect will be easily visible and upon observation, it must be immediately addressed.
  • The third is Benign Rolandic epilepsy. Children are mostly affected by this kind of epilepsy. In this type, seizures that occur will generally affect the face and in a few cases, the body of the patient. These symptoms will be present only until a particular age, mostly until adolescence after which they disappear. The effect can be taken care of until adolescence after which it shall end on its own.
  • The fourth is Lennox Gastaut syndrome. This is a type of epilepsy that is prevalent among children. This starts at the time of birth and only dies with the person. This is very rare kind of epilepsy that is not generally present among everyone. Identifying this type of epilepsy is a difficult task and must be addressed properly.
  • The fifth is Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy. This kind of epilepsy is also among the kinds that begin with childhood and in some situations adolescence. Limb and arm movements are common with this type of epilepsy. The patients suffering from this kind of epilepsy will be experiencing muscle jerking and twitching.
  • The sixth is abdominal epilepsy. This is a very rare kind of epilepsy. It causes a severe pain in the abdominal area and in a few cases, it creates nauseatic feelings. This type of epilepsy cannot be observed like the others and hence, most doctors also are unaware of it.
  • The seventh is absence seizures. These seizures are caused by excess amount of electrical activity in the brain. There must be sessions conducted among people to spread awareness about this.

These are a few noticeable and measurable differences among the type of epilepsy. Treating a few among these types has not been possible to doctors even. In this situation, the path of spirituality it is essential as it shows a great way. We started off as a group of spiritual practitioners travelling the world in pursuit of knowledge. In our journey we have come across many practitioners and children. Imbibing these methods into us, we took it as a responsibility of spreading awareness about epilepsy.

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