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EPILEPSY – The Truths and Myths Uncovered

EPILEPSY – The Truths and Myths Uncovered

Epilepsy has not gained much popularity among the crowds even after it has taken a deadly form. Epilepsy is one among the many diseases that show their effect not for a particular amount of time. They end with the people themselves. Although it is a very important factor to clearly understand the causes, effects and symptoms of epilepsy, most people are not well-informed. While identifying the symptoms of epilepsy plays a very important role in framing the diagnosis and further treatment, most people are not clear about the facts and myths surrounding epilepsy. Being a disease that affects the functioning of the brain, epilepsy affects almost every system and operation the body performs. Sometimes, it can be observed as sudden loss of consciousness or in other situations it results in blankly staring, without the person’s knowledge. These pose a major threat to life in situations where the person might be driving or working in an atmosphere where a great amount of caution is necessary. The myths surrounding epilepsy have resulted in discrimination of the patients and social stigma. The facts are necessary to eliminate such stigmas.

Facts about epilepsy

A noticeable number of false statements surround every event or activity in this generation of smartphones and unlimited internet. It is known that a false statement and a rumor spread like wild fire while the truth flows like water. There are a certain set of people, whose words others pay heed to. We, being one among those gifted people, have taken it as our responsibility to eliminate the myths and baseless arguments surrounding epilepsy, of which a few are named:

  • Epilepsy cannot be called as one particular type of issue, there are many types of epilepsies.
  • Epilepsy can affect people of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and surroundings. It is not particular to any age group or level of intelligence.
  • Epilepsy can be genetic in some cases, affecting the progeny of the family. Hence, it is very much essential that one gets their kids tested if there is a long history of epilepsy in the family.
  • Epilepsy is not contagious. This is one among the famous myths surrounding epilepsy and it must be understood that diseases like epilepsy will not pass on from a person to another.
  • Kids who develop epilepsy at a very young age will eventually grow out of it with time. They can be cured easier than others.
  • Seizures in epilepsy are of two types – general seizure and focal seizure. In a general seizure, the entire body gets affected, while focal seizure results in abnormal functioning of a particular part of the brain.
  • People diagnosed with epilepsy are bound to experience seizures while driving also, which is a major threat to the person’s life. Hence it is advised that they stay away from driving to keep themselves safe.
  • After all, societal behavior towards a person plays an important role. There are many stigmas surrounding epilepsy and it is very much necessary that such stigmas must be eliminated.
  • Treating people with the condition of epilepsy with care is necessary, whereas, pulling them into a well of sympathy is not. This will result in their separation from their surroundings and at the same time in mental health related disorders, which when combined with epilepsy result in greater problems.
  • Epileptic seizures can be controlled with medication and it is very much necessary that this medication be taken seriously and not be neglected.

A variety of reasons and facts about epilepsy stay unknown to the public and in most cases it is due to neglecting the symptoms. At effective healing, we not only believe in curing these diseases using our famous spiritual techniques, but also in spreading awareness about epilepsy, so that no one suffering from these would receive lesser treatment. In reality, most of the sufferers were not healed properly even after the symptoms had been identified at an earlier stage. This cannot be framed as any one person’s mistake. While those who treat have buried their noses in the job of acquiring monetary gains, it is time that humankind needs to be introduced to the methods of spiritual healing, a proven technique that demands no external validations. Starting as a group of few spiritual practitioners travelling the world with the motto of acquiring knowledge, we have taken the pledge to expand our horizons to play a role in the process of curing. Moving around the world from place to place, we have met many spiritual leaders across the globe, who have induced into us the methods of curing chronic diseases such as epilepsy. Surprisingly, our methods have healed many people who have been suffering from these diseases since a long time. That, indeed is the impact spiritual healing has on a person. We have begun our curing by meeting people personally and explaining them our harmless procedures of mantra chanting, nashqs and talismans among a few others. They have experienced the effect of these methods and thus, we have decided to expand our responsibility to many others who are in need of these and opted the online platform. This to us is not a self-acclaimed social service, but a dedication we chose with love.

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