EPILEPTIC SEIZURES – The Checklist That Must Not Be Forgotten -
EPILEPTIC SEIZURES – The Checklist That Must Not Be Forgotten

EPILEPTIC SEIZURES – The Checklist That Must Not Be Forgotten

Epileptic seizures apart from being highly impactful are dangerous too. There have been innumerable methods devised to take charge over the situation in case of an epileptic seizure and these have reduced the risk of seizures to less than 50%. Though seizures of this kind are unavoidable, their frequency can be reduced by taking preventive measures and making changes in one’s lifestyle. These changes are not of the kind that will require one taking big steps all of a sudden, they need to be done in stages. It might get difficult in the beginning but as time passes, the changes feel more acceptable. Epileptic seizures sometimes pose a grave danger of accidents, in a few cases affecting not one but many lives. Being under proper guidance plays a key role in the cure of epilepsy and apart from the external support, it is one’s internal strength that is derived from their chakras, that drives towards success. Every person has a good amount of energy stored in them. This energy is not always visible and must be put to use only when the appropriate situation arrives. Strength in the case of epilepsy is not just the physical one, it refers to the mental state.

Preventive measures for epilepsy

Seizures that occur with lesser frequency are not as dangerous as those that occur on a daily basis. Seizures can be tiring both emotionally and physically. Who would not wish for a situation where they are least stressed about going blank all of a sudden when they did not wish for it? Preventive methods play a very important role apart from medication.

  • Alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption has a major impact and on epileptic patients this of a greater level. Lessening the consumption of alcohol gradually will have a great impact, reducing the frequency of seizures. This will indirectly increase the safety of an epileptic person in unexpected situations. It is a well-known fact that alcohol consumption is injurious to health though neglected by many. One habit could define an entirely different life.
  • Stress management: In a world that has long ago stopped walking and began racing very much unknowingly, it is a normal condition when stress increases. Stress affects one in a great way where they will generally not be able to focus properly on anything. It is very much necessary that one reduce the amount of stress to lead a healthy and happy life. To epileptic patients, the increase of stress will directly lead to more frequent seizures. Something that affects the brain already will be increased by an additional factor. Managing the stress in one’s life will reduce the number and frequency of seizures in epileptic patients.
  • Proper sleep: Sleep has become a scarcity nowadays and soon it might become a luxury. The number of people who suffer from insomnia is increasing and the busy lifestyles and career goals often restrict one’s sleeping time. But, a break from proper rest could directly lead to other problems, one of them being seizures for epileptic people. It must be understood that even the lack of one hour of sleep from one’s daily schedule would result in tiring both mentally and physically and will lead to frequent seizures.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance causes an undeniably greater impact on the lifestyle of a person. This is caused due to inappropriate food habits in most cases. One should always worry about the food on their plate to maintain a proper and healthy life. These hormonal imbalances apart from causing risks during child birth and pregnancy, will also increase the frequency of epileptic seizures. The frequent intake of vitamin D will lower the risk of epileptic seizures, causing a decrease in the frequency.

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. But if such a situation arises where complete cure cannot be provided, it is very much necessary to control the frequency. Spiritual healing is a process that believes in this philosophy to a great extent. While we started off as a small group of spiritual practitioners, we were unaware of the curing methods and other major problems. As we proceeded on our journey, meeting spiritual leaders of all religions, we have imbibed in us the ancient methods of spiritual healing. It is a harmless method, where mantra chanting, talismans, naqshs, etc. are used to treat the patients. Those who have lost all hope have now gained confidence that they can be completely cured. The power of spiritual healing lies in the fact that it is the power that resides in a person that is resonated out by us.

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