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Evil Eye Through Cultures and Ages

Evil Eye Through Cultures and Ages

History holds evidence of innumerable situations that we deal with on a daily basis. Through ages and cultures, there have been many problems and their solutions were found out long ago. In most situations, we seem to mind the least about these solutions, which indirectly pushes us into the same problems. Among these neglected aspects, evil eye is one. The evil eye, generally said to be the result of one’s jealousy over another person that gets transmitted through a malignant gaze, is a major problem today and has caused issues in many situations. Ancient cultures have scriptures that mention clearly about the evil eye and its effects that have been happening at that time. These cultures also specify the symbols, definitions, meanings and many other things related to the evil eye. The evil eye has been a controversial belief for a long time. Many people were accused of doing black magic and being the cause behind many problems that they were either forced to leave out of the place or died under suspicious situations. This has indeed faced a lot of offense related to human rights. Such cases are generally one in a hundred and the effects of evil eye cannot be pushed away as false accusations.

Different Cultures and the Evil Eye

Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Judaism, Islam, among many other cultures speak about the effects of the evil eye and most of all, the first time they were witnessed. Each culture has its own way of looking at the evil eye while the inner meaning of calling it the reason behind major destructions is common to all. The cultures across mentioned specifically about the evil eye and the side effects it subjects one too.

Greek culture –

The mention of evil eye is done in the ancient texts of Greek.  It mentioned the effect of the evil eye to happen when someone receives excess praise or admiration from other people. This induces a sense of pride in the person thus leading to their immediate downfall. All diseases that had no proper reference or mention at that time were attributed to the evil eye and were named as its effect. It was believed according to the Greek legends that gods and goddesses used this as a means to punish those who considered them in higher regard when it was unnecessary.

Egyptian culture –

The legends of Egypt mention the impact of evil eye on their many rulers who were thought to have died because of the impact of the evil eye. It was said that when the rulers went out, the subordinates or others who expressed jealousy of any form indirectly results in the death of the ruler with an unknown an unidentifiable disease. The glass that was found in Egypt was glazed in the cobalt blue color which was a result of the high amount of oxides in the sand. Beads were made from these and were made to be worn by the rulers, which were believed to save them. This indeed is the inspiration behind modern-day evil eye accessories.

Hinduism –

In the Hindu culture, evil eye holds a place of utmost importance. According to the scriptures of Hinduism, the eye and forehead, particularly the part between the eyebrows are said to be the most powerful part of the human body. It is said that this place is the ultimate meeting point of the chakras or the energy stores of the human body. Thus, the eye holds a place that can make or destroy anything according to this culture. It is said that a glance of any kind, even those with a good intention could result in the misfortune of different kinds, which may affect land, cattle or humans. The decorative kajal or kohl is said to be the preventive method from emanating the evil eye intentions.

Judaism –

In the culture of Judaism, when a person expresses envy over someone’s big success, it is said to cause danger. This envy is said to result in the downfall of the person very much immediately. According to Judaism, people of this kind, who feel jealous of other’s success are indeed a threat to humankind. Those who find happiness in other’s success too were considered as the blessing, who counter the effects of the toxic people. The negative attitude was considered as a symbolic representation of the evil eye, which would cause nothing but destruction. People were always advised to watch out for such people, who were a threat. Diseases, which were prevalent among the people of various places during that time were considered to be the effect of the evil eye.

Islam –

This religion mentions the evil eye as the bad effect of overpraise. The religious scriptures mention about this effect, stating that one must not indulge themselves in overtly praising others. The vulnerable part of humankind, according to Islam, such as children and women, especially pregnant women, were required to be safe compared to others. It emphasizes the belief that these people needed special attention and would go through extremities if not taken care of. The scriptures also mention one to immediately say Masha’ Allah when they feel excessive praise, which means, the god has wished for good fortune. This would in a way counter the effect of excess praise. Apart from this, the scriptures also mention taking a bath immediately if they feel the effect of the evil eye.

Turkish culture –

In Turkey, the evil eye is said to affect children the most. People who come to visit the children generally take a talisman or an accessory that is believed to be the counterpart of the evil eye effect. The evil eye is a problem with the adults too, but the children are believed to be the most susceptible ones to the ill effects. People of this place and culture are more familiar with evil eye accessories compared to many other places.

Brazilian culture –

In Brazil, the evil eye is addressed with the name olhogordo or the fat eye. This is said to affect the people when the intention of praising a person is wrong. When the intentions are good, the person will not face any mishaps and will reap good benefits. When the intentions are bad, the events may affect the person to an extent where they will be affected either physically or mentally. According to this culture, this is an aspect that needs to be taken care of.

Relieving the Evil Eye

Among the many cultures, there has always been a mention of a common point. All of them point to the one state, where the people had suffered wrongly for a mistake that was not theirs. When we came across many such instances during our exploration of the methods of treating, we chose to explore the past and the scriptures that are the only evidence left to know about the cure. We met different spiritual heads who were well versed with the remedies their religion pointed at. They have helped us explore and implore the methods inside out, establishing a sense of greater knowledge into us. We, at Effective Healings, started as a group of spiritual practitioners that were in the need to explore the methods of healing diseases that were generally pushed into a controversial realm. We found out methods that caused no physical nor effected one financially or mentally. Our methods were generally based on the use of traditional methods of talismans and mantra chanting imbibed with greater power. The people who came across our healings have never backed off from exploring our methods. The results were so shocking to them that they suggested us to many others. The diseases that have been torturing people for decades have come to a closure in a few weeks. This was the effect of the unique methods we use and the innate knowledge we have acquired. When we thought of expanding our services, the one platform that we could totally rely on was the online one. We felt that this platform could make us reach out to those who could not find solace to their problem. We decided that we would fill light into the darkness that has been disrupting the harmony of anyone. Our methods of healing are unique to only us and looking at the results until now, the effectiveness of these is something one cannot doubt. We promise that once you enter here, you will leave with a healing and good regard. Let us travel together on this journey of healing.

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