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Exploring the Facts of PCOD/PCOS

Exploring the Facts of PCOD/PCOS

Polycystic ovarian disease or Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common issue among the women of the fertile ages. It affects fertility, menstruation process among many others.

Though it is considered as a problem that limits itself to the reproductive system of the woman, it has an effect on other major functions. Identifying PCOD/PCOS is not a onetime task, which involves a clear study of the history and other conditions that might indicate PCOD/PCOS.

In most cases, the disease is not diagnosed properly or identified easily since the symptoms are vague and the chances that it indicates towards another disease. Menstrual health plays a key role in determining the status of the health of a woman and a small disturbance in it could always indicate issues.

For a disease such as PCOS/PCOD, the details are highly vague and a great number of myths are present around its occurrence and its impacts on the woman. It is necessary that these myths be busted to expose the realities around the disease. Around 5-10 percent of women belonging to the age group of 15-44 are most prone to PCOS/PCOD, of which a few are diagnosed and a few are not subject to many other conditions.

It is generally identified when the issue of fertility arises until when the problem remains unknown. These are among the many facts about PCOS/PCOD.

Facts about PCOD/PCOS

There is a treasure of facts about this highly under-identified problem of PCOD/PCOS. It is generally caused due to a hormonal imbalance in the woman. The probability that a woman will be affected with PCOD/PCOS cannot be said exactly, but if they’re a close female relative such as mother, sister or aunt who has been diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS, the chances of being positive with it is high in the woman. This is the reason why a history study is done before confirming the presence of PCOD/PCOS. Formation of small fluid-filled sacs called cysts occurs, which prevents the process of ovulation. PCOS/PCOD is one of the major reasons for infertility among young women and also results in irregular periods. The production of higher amounts of male hormones is considered to be one potential reason for the cause of PCOD/PCOS in women. The presence of higher amounts of insulin, history of type 2 diabetes in the family is one of the causes of this disease. A popular belief among the public indicates towards the point that women who have been diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS cannot be pregnant or give birth to children. This is completely irrelevant and wrong perception. A proper estimation of the ovulation cycle can be done which gives an approximate period of fertility for the woman. PCOD/PCOS has been linked to other diseases such as diabetes, endometrial cancer, high amount of blood pressure, depression, anxiety, etc. There is no proper scientific proof about the interrelation among them and the causes, the trend has been mentioned by many known personalities who are experts in this field.


Though a complete curing method does not exist for eradicating PCOD/PCOS, a procedure can be used to reduce the effect of this disease. Along with our travel, we have come across young girls and women who were mostly trusting the facts and had a few women who did not try for pregnancy even believing in the myth that women with PCOD/PCOS cannot conceive. These instances have motivated us to find a solution to reduce the impact of this chronic disease. We have met a number of spiritual leaders of various religions who have bestowed us with harmless methods of bringing down the effects of this disease. We, at Effective Healings, make use of age told mantra chanting, talismans, etc. to bring down the effects of PCOD/PCOS. While the results of our methods have surprised many, the solutions were better known to the ones who have experienced it. We chose the online platform so that we could expand our reach to a greater number of people who were in need of our methods. One meeting us would provide us the privilege of setting you free from your freedom and you the ability to disown that disease.

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