Hemorrhoids: Causes And Indications

Hemorrhoids: Causes And Indications

Hemorrhoids (also known as piles) are nothing, but they are swollen blood vessels. These piles usually form in the anus area of an individual. These enlarged blood veins are ordinarily small and are round in shape. They are also disclosed lumps. 

The people suffering from these piles can feel the presence of those swollen veins hanging down the anal canal. The medics say that piles one of the common issues that are widely observed in the case of older people. But due to variations in the lifestyle of people in the present era, these piles are also effecting the individuals who age from 35 years to around 45 years. The reasons for the occurrence of these hemorrhoids are forced constipation or wasting more time in the bathrooms can result in this situation. However, the medics add another cause for the existence of piles in the present-day individual, i.e., driving for longer durations without taking a break. As we all know that the piles can occur in both genders, also the doctors comment that piles are very usual to occur during the pregnancy time in females. This may be due to various changes in the hormones. The experts add a point that he ag pressure in a female’s stomach can also lead to the development of these piles. But ultimately, once the baby is born, then these hemorrhoids usually vanish out. 


Internal hemorrhoids are the piles that usually occur inside the anal canal or down to the rectum in an individual body. Also, internal piles are classified into four types. There are four possible degrees of piles. Now going further into the topic, let us find what those four types are. 

The first-degree piles generally do not come out of the anus, but they bleed periodically. 

Coming to the next degree, i.e., second-degree hemorrhoids, they usually come out of the anus during the bowel movements. Still, after some time, they go back to their original position.

The third-degree hemorrhoids are a little painful because these types of piles hang out of the anus but can be pushed inside with the bit of force when applied by the victim. 

Finally, the fourth-degree hemorrhoids hand down to the anal canal. The disadvantage with them is that they cannot be pushed inside, i.e., even if the individual pushes it inside, they do not go inward. These types of piles create a painful effect on the victim. These swollen veins will enlarge to a more extent, and sometimes these bleed due to the blood clots inside them. 

Coming to the external piles, the bare eye on the individual usually finds these. Since they occur outside the anal canal, they are named as external piles or hemorrhoids. 

In some cases, one can also find both internal and external piles in the body. If the situation is found to be out of control, then it is more advisable to go for immediate medication or any surgery.


Hemorrhoids are commonly found in a large number of people today. Therefore the doctors treat the piles to be a more prevalent issue these days. As both genders are prone to this disease, therefore, it is quite essential to learn about the symptoms of the piles. Some of the most often observed indications of the piles are:

  • Any lump like structure near, around, or in the anus.
  • Discharge of the slimy mucus from the anus
  • The skin around the anus can give an itchy sensation.
  • Any discomfort feeling while going to the toilet. 
  • The occurrence of bowel movements is hard.
  • Also, the bleeding while emptying the bowels.
  • À subjective feeling that the bowels are not emptied even after going to the toilet.

The above-stated symptoms usually vary between the different individuals. They are sometimes caused by other issues rather than piles. They may be anal cancer, fissure, bowel cancer, or due to any inflammatory disease related to bowels. If the warnings are more worst seen, then it is strictly advisable to meet the expert for immediate treatment for them.

The above context included all the necessary details regarding the piles and their symptoms. The medications depend on the type of issue the individual undergoes. Therefore we EFFECTIVE HEALINGS are here with our traditional ways of dealing with such kind of diseases. Also, the procedure that we follow in curing the disorders is inherited from the Spiritual Masters. The treatment techniques that are widely employed in curing the illnesses are safe, and they do not cause any side effects, which is quite crucial in any treatment.

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