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The Birth Process With PCOD

The Birth Process With PCOD Of the many important phases of a woman’s life, pregnancy has a great significance. The period of nine months of carrying the baby in the mother’s womb and taking proper precautionary measures, choosing proper food habits, everything has its own importance and every mistake shows effect during childbirth. Every habit …

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Defining the Platter for PCOD

Defining the Platter for PCOD The food that we consume makes a great difference to the lifestyle we adapt to. The bad habits of food, in general, will lead to further exploitation of health, while good foods promote well-being without much effort. In the case of diseases like PCOD/PCOS, the main issue will require much …

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The Evil Impact On Pregnancy

The Evil Impact On Pregnancy Pregnant women are among the most vulnerable people. They are easily susceptible to many forms of diseases and flu. It is generally advised that pregnant women must be safeguarded against unwanted effects. They are also among the people that easily become the victim of problems like the evil eye. The …

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What are epilepsy seizures?

What are Epilepsy Seizures? Epilepsy is a disease that affects the central nervous system and cause severe complications in the body. This disease can affect anyone irrespective of the gender, race and age. The disease can be caused by any reason and it completely depends on the type of the seizure and the duration of …

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What is Epilepsy?

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is not a common disease but every impactful disease. It is related to the central nervous system disorder which can cause damage to brain activity. This can lead to abnormal behavior, occasional seizures, and periods of hallucinations and even loss of awareness. Epilepsy can be affected to anyone irrespective of the …

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