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PCOD – A Journey Until The End

PCOD – A Journey Until The End

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) has become a common word being heard among women in recent times. Though the problem has been prevalent for a long time, the knowledge about this has been rising more recently. Many women are now more aware of the symptoms and the red flags that must be observed. PCOD/PCOS is basically an imbalance of the reproductive hormones, which leads to irregular ovulation and formation of cysts. The presence of these cysts will lead to infertility among women. In most cases of PCOD/PCOS, the disease is identified at a very late stage mainly when a lack of fertility is observed. PCOD/PCOS is a disease that does not discriminate and every woman of all races, religions, castes, and creed are susceptible to the disease. Women with the presence of this disease in family history are more susceptible compared to others. In the condition of PCOD/PCOS, the egg that has to be released every month by the ovary is either not released or not formed at all. This will lead to irregular menstrual cycles and at later stages infertility. Factually expressing it, PCOD/PCOS has been the major cause behind most cases of infertility across the world. Women between the age of 15 and 44 are the most prone to being affected by PCOD/PCOS. The risk is higher in women who have obesity or the history of PCOD/PCOS in their family, especially their mother, aunt or a very close relation. The symptoms are vaguely general and can be identified easily. The symptoms once identified must be treated properly.

Significant Symptoms of PCOD/PCOS

The symptoms of PCOD/PCOS can be identified easily and are prone to be denied as natural or normal too easily. The symptoms feel so normal that detection and identification are harder than it seems. The symptoms of being affected by PCOD/PCOS include irregular menstrual cycles, a growing amount of acne, extreme hair loss, weight gain and difficulty in losing weight easily, skin darkening, hair-growth at unwanted places. Such symptoms are a part and parcel of every woman’s life, making them the most easily ignorable indications. A continual appearance of these symptoms must be considered as an indication of the deadly disease. If tests detect the presence of a high amount of androgens or insulin, that is an indication of PCOD/PCOS. The assumptions may not be true always but getting tested to be on a safer edge is always better. PCOD/PCOS also affects the pregnancy stage in women. Women confirmed with PCOD/PCOS have higher risks of miscarriages and the child being admitted in the child intensive care unit. Changes in lifestyle can easily correct this and make the situation a little better.


PCOD/PCOS is a problem that keeps haunting many women in the modern-day. The claim of possessing no proper solution has been declared by doctors. In a situation like this, we, at Effective Healings have learned and filled ourselves with methods that are unique for our own self. We learned different methods from various spiritual leaders. These leaders have suggested various methods of healing through mantra chanting and talismans. While experiencing our methods, many people were shocked at the effectiveness of these methods of curing. People who had suffered from these chronic diseases for a long time now had experienced fast results. We decided to expand our horizons so that we could reach out to the masses to expose our healing methodology. Our main aim is to relieve everyone from the struggle they have been going through. Come, meet us to get yourself healed and you would never back off from suggesting us to others. In this journey of relieving pain, let us get together and make the world a better place.

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