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PCOD/PCOS – The Symptoms and Causes

PCOD/PCOS – The Symptoms and Causes

Polycystic ovarian disease or Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the condition where cysts are formed on the ovaries of a woman. It is one of the major problems that is haunting the younger generation with more young girls being its victims. It is not a condition that would show symptoms on the outside, the effects can be felt alone. PCOD/PCOS is a condition whose causes were not figured out even today while the name has turned out a common term. This disease mainly causes the formation of cysts on the ovaries, leading to lesser production of the female eggs. The presence of cysts is not harmful to a dangerous level but it will indirectly result in innate hormonal imbalance, the effects of which are present through the ages of growing up. This disease is a major reason that causes infertility among women since it hampers the process of ovulation. The effects of PCOD/PCOS are not limited to the reproductive system and its functioning, they also affect many other processes of the body. Identifying the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS may not eliminate the problem completely but beginning the healing process at an early stage could result in better benefits earlier. Pregnancy is not an easy process for those who have been diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS. It is very much necessary that all these important factors be considered while taking any decisions related to the woman’s health. The symptoms are widely variant and seem unrelated to a great level but it must be identified that the presence of these symptoms at the same time is indeed an indication to PCOD/PCOS and it would be better if tested.

Symptoms and Causes of PCOS/PCOD                   

The causes of PCOD/PCOS has not been identified yet completely. They are generally attributed to the excess amount of male hormone production in the body that indirectly leads to the formation of cysts, which affect the ovulation process. This case has not been proved correctly till date. While the cause of PCOD/PCOS has not been completely identified and decoded, the symptoms can be identified easily. The main problem with these symptoms is that they might always indicate another problem other than PCOD/PCOS. The testing of PCOD/PCOS cannot be done at once and it needs a detailed history of the woman. These tests may also not give exact results apart from ultrasound, which is one of the accurate methods to determine the presence of cysts. A study of the glucose levels, cholesterol levels along with the presence of cysts are studied to identify the presence of PCOD/PCOS. If suspecting a change, one must always look out for the immediate symptoms.

  • Irregular periods
  • Higher stress levels
  • High blood pressure
  • The higher amount of cholesterol
  • Higher fatigue
  • Sleep issues
  • Excess levels of androgen
  • Infertility
  • Acne, oily skin, dandruff, female balding
  • Pelvic pain
  • Extreme depression and anxiety
  • Weight management issues such as easy weight gain and difficulty losing weight
  • Resistance to insulin
  • Excessive facial and body hair growth
  • Decreased libido
  • Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

These are a few symptoms one must look out for. They may not totally indicate PCOD/PCOS, but their presence could always be an indication. So, if these are felt, it would be better that one gets themselves tested.


PCOD/PCOS is one of those diseases which do not have a complete healing method. Decreasing the effects has not always been successful in the case of all doctors. Special methods might be required so as to counter the increasing impact of PCOD/PCOS. During our journey, we met many women, who specified the presence of this problem in major numbers, of which few did not know the exact causes. This one, on one hand, leads to social differentiation and on the other hand, physical and mental pain. When we were traversing on our journey, we decided to get this problem a solution, so that we could help someone come out of unwanted social conditioning for a fault that was not theirs. After we returned from our journey of knowledge, of meeting many spiritual leaders of various religions, we utilized our methods to cure those who came to us. The results surprised them so much that in a case, where the cysts had come down in size and the symptoms had shown a decrement inspired many to seek help. Through the online platform of ours, we intend to expand our horizons and reach out to the last one who is in need of our help.

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