PILES – Identifying Through The Symptoms And Indications
PILES – Identifying Through The Symptoms And Indications

PILES – Identifying Through The Symptoms And Indications

Piles, also called as hemorrhoids are the swelling and inflammation of the veins in the rectum below the anus. These swellings can occur either internally or externally. When they occur internally, they cause bleeding while passing stool and when caused externally, they lead to the formation of inflammation around the external anus. The symptoms of this problem are many and they can be identified easily. The symptoms are easily visible and at most times neglected. The inflammation and pain will worsen with time unless these hemorrhoids or piles is either treated or addressed through external media. When external piles occur, while passing stool, mucus formation occurs on the external appearances, causing a great amount of itching, pain, and inflammation. Piles are generally neglected due to societal conditioning since most react in an insensitive way to the effects of piles. This is a temporary relief to move away from being socially conditioned, but the problems that follow after piles are dangerous and can be fatal at times. The presence of blood in the stool can lead to anemic conditions. This anemic condition is fatal if the problem is serious. Hence, neglecting even a minute indication is directly indicated to be fatal. The possibility of strangulated hemorrhoids, where the blood supply to the veins is cut off causing blood clots and infections. These conditions are more dangerous than they seem. Usually addressed as hemorrhoids by doctors, the suggestion of surgery to eliminate piles is done which is way too harmful than it seems. Of the many faces of piles, the signals it sends are very crucial and once identified, the solution can be done. Hemorrhoids are age indifferent and can affect people of all ages and genders but people of bigger age are more prone to being affected by them. The food habits also play a very important role in determining the extent to which one will be affected by hemorrhoids. Adjusting food habits at a later stage of life is a very important thing that helps one from keeping away from most of the chronic health hazards.

Identifying the Symptoms of Piles or Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of piles are varying depending on the type of hemorrhoids that one has. External hemorrhoids are visible and painful too while internal hemorrhoids are less painful but are visible. Hemorrhoids are basically the swelling and inflammation of veins, so these swollen veins can be clearly visible in the case of external hemorrhoids. Piles or hemorrhoids can be confirmed when a person experiences constipation too often. This constipation is an indication of a bigger problem to come. At this stage, if one focusses on controlling the dietary habits and increases the intake of fiber, the chances of being affected more by constipation and piles will see a decline. A few other symptoms can also be observed when affected by piles:

Painful and hard lump around the anus: In the case of external hemorrhoids, a painful and hard lump can be formed around the anus, which could possibly contain blood. The effect can be felt the most when passing stool. The particles may get stuck to the lump causing more irritation and inflammation. Rubbing it will increase the inflammation to a greater level than reducing it.

The feeling of full bowels:

The person experiencing the effects of piles is bound to get a feeling of full bowels even after passing stool. This is a clear indication of piles and at this moment, getting treated is more of a necessity.

Blood after passing stool:

The person with piles will find blood after passing stool frequently. This is the coagulated blood that is dispensed from the swollen vein lumps. It should not be regarded as a random happening and must be taken care of.

Itchiness around the anus:

The part around the anus feels sore and itchy more often when affected with piles. Most of the time, people tend to touch or at times rub it, causing an increase in the inflammation and soreness. It could also lead to blood during bowel movements.

Excessive pain while passing stool:

The person affected with piles will experience immense pain while passing stool which can be followed by blood. Pain similar to that of pricking thorns can be experienced which indicates the formation of piles or hemorrhoids.

Choosing Proper Food When Affected

Food that is a compilation of proper dietary fiber must be chosen when affected with piles. This will ease bowel movements, thus decreasing the pain caused during piles or hemorrhoids. Legumes, whole grains, broccoli, vegetables like sweet potatoes, beetroots, carrots, potatoes, etc. must be preferred in one’s diet. Bell peppers and celery are other types of vegetables that are a very important part of the diet. They add more water to one’s diet, easing the digestion process and bowel movements too. Fruits like cucumbers, melons, pears, apples, raspberries, bananas, etc. soften the food and help in dealing with piles or hemorrhoids. Foods that contain excess spices, salts, meat, and processed meat, fried foods, etc. are the major types of foods that one should stay away from when affected with piles. Drinking a lot of water also helps a lot in softening the stool and reducing the pain experienced while passing stool. Apart from these foods, avoiding beverages such as caffeinated drinks, especially coffee and alcohol is necessary. The intake of coffee hardens stool and increases the problem of passing stool. Following a proper diet is beneficial in many ways apart from preventing piles. It helps in one staying healthy and happy.

Curing Piles or Hemorrhoids

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a disease treating which will require surgery as suggested by most doctors. But this is not true. Surgery is not at all a necessity. While we were touring the world in the search of knowledge about curing these diseases without having to use harmful and surgical methods, we came across many solutions. We, at Effective Healings, believe strongly in the fact that one needs the best cure and that cure must not harm them in any way. We have met innumerable spiritual leaders of great knowledge on our journey. They are full of knowledge about treating many chronic diseases using simple and harmless methods like mantra chanting, using talismans and nashqs, which would cause no harm to the person and in other ways make them free from their sufferings. The methods we use are unique and cannot be found anywhere on the entire planet. These methods in one way eradicate the problems that have been creating a lot of problems and the people have suffered a lot because of it. The people who have approached us to resolve their problems have clearly explained of a change in the problems they had been facing. The problems which have been causing immense pain for more than a few years now were treated in a matter of a few weeks and months. Observing this change, we decided to expand our reach and meet people of different walks who were in need of our services. We decided to dedicate our lives to this cause and help out people come out of their major problems. While we planned our next move, we came across the online platform, which was the recent best place to reach out to masses. Thus, we have come online to extend the services we have to the maximum number of people we could, entitling them to permanent cure to chronic disease. Those who reached out to us expressed a sense of satisfaction in being able to get rid of their major problems. This is just an exemplification of our services. Treating problems that are generally pushed away as normal issues like epilepsy, PCOD, hemorrhoids or piles, evil eye, etc. has become a daily course for us now and we promise you nothing but the best solution. Do meet us once to steer clear your doubts and your problems leaving no space for question. You shall reap the benefits of your best decisions and suggest others to come back to us.

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