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The Birth Process With PCOD

The Birth Process With PCOD

Of the many important phases of a woman’s life, pregnancy has a great significance. The period of nine months of carrying the baby in the mother’s womb and taking proper precautionary measures, choosing proper food habits, everything has its own importance and every mistake shows effect during childbirth. Every habit that the woman has must be kept aside for the period so that the child is safe, sound and healthy post-birth. In this sugar-coated difficult phase, issues such as PCOD and PCOS have a significant effect. Polycystic ovarian disease, better known as PCOD is a malfunction in the ovaries, where cysts are formed and disturb the ovulation process. Due to the occurrence of this, women suffering from PCOD are very less likely to get PCOD. This is one of the many major causes of infertility in young women. The possibility of pregnancy is much lesser in women with PCOD as compared to women without PCOD. Certain changes in lifestyle can improve the possibility of women with PCOD conceiving which are generally effective. Though the menstrual periods are highly irregular in women with PCOD, proper observation of the pattern of menstruation, the period when the women are highly fertile can be estimated. This period is the best one where women with PCOD can conceive. But, the risk of pregnancy for them does not end with conceiving. There are certain problems that are common among women with PCOD, knowing about which proper measures can be taken to lessen the risks.

Effects of PCOD on Child Birth

In women having PCOD, the chances of miscarriage during pregnancy is much higher. A small mistake in the daily chores itself could cause this but in most situations, it is the cysts that play a key role. PCOD also results in the rise in blood pressure of the woman which must be taken care of properly. The difference that is observed overtime must be given the required attention so that the adverse effects on the mother or child can be brought down to the maximum extent possible. Premature childbirths are also a common situation among women with PCOD/PCOS. The children born have a greater frequency of being in the incubator or child intensive care unit for longer periods of time. Though in most cases the children are safe, cases of loss have also been significant enough. Caesarian oft called the C-Section is also an important necessity in the case of women with PCOD/PCOS. The weight of the child at the time of birth is abnormally high and delivering by normal methods is highly impossible for these cases, thus emphasizing the need to do the C-Section. While the side effects cannot be eliminated completely, a dose of extra care must be taken by the woman and her aids so as to control the effects. The high blood pressure must be taken care of more in particular since it may lead to greater effects during childbirth.

Curing PCOD Early

While many doctors claim to not have found a solution to PCOD/PCOS, our healing methods have relieved many women of the deadly disease, helping them enjoy every bit of their pregnancy like normal women. In a phase as important as this, dealing with the stress of pregnancy along with that of PCOD is not at all an easy task. During our 22 years of travel around the world, finding methods to treat PCOD/PCOS, we encountered women suffering from the loss of a child or the depression of lack of fertility. We have found methods to cure women of this deadly demon meeting various spiritual leaders across the world and using various methods to cure. People who have met us were shocked by the immediate and fast results of these methods. This has added an additional responsibility of expanding our horizons to reach out to the numerous people through the one medium that has a great reach, the internet. Seek help once and you will not refrain from suggesting others! Make your way to Effective healings right away.

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