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The Origin of PCOD

The Origin of PCOD

Difference between PCOS and PCOD

Every woman thinks that PCOS and PCOD is different. But in fact, they are same. There is a one difference between them that is PCOS which is called as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome will have only a smaller number of problems than PCOD. The exact thing is that if a woman is affected with the PCOS then she will have only one Problem with that Syndrome whereas A women affected with PCOD she will more no of problems with that Disease.


PCOD is a health issue which occurs in the women body. In this disease, there will a greater number of problems or symptoms as I said before. Basically, this disease based on the hormone’s imbalance in the women. when there is a great increase in the androgen which is male hormones in women, then get affected by this disease.


The first symptoms are the irregular periods or even the affected women won’t get their periods also. The other symptoms are like their periods will be more severe with blood flow, unwanted hairs will be grown on the face, severe pain in their pelvic, their acne will be broken, their skin will be darkening.

The most problematic issue is that the affected women can’t get pregnant as easily and they will have so many troubles to get a baby in their life. There are so many symptoms accompanied with this PCOD like it leads the affected women to the stressful life which again leads them to the heart problems of overthinking and depression. Even it ends up with the Endometrial cancer also.


A research says that out of 10 women nearly 8 of them are affected by this PCOD. Especially women of (15-44) age will be affected. These numbers are given the current research analysis only where 80% of the women are affected by this PCOD where 60% of women are not aware of this Disease and they are affected to it. PCOD will affect the women ovaries which are responsible for the reproduction of the women. These ovaries are the reproductive part of the women which is responsible for secreting the Female hormones like Estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are responsible for the monthly periods of a month. Every woman think that their body has only female hormones but in fact even our female body is made up of some male hormones called androgen which is produced by the ovaries. When this androgen hormones are secreted in a large amount then it leads to PCOS or PCOD.

For every month our Ovaries produce eggs, this process is called as Ovulation. These eggs are released to get fused with sperms which is called as fertilization. There are 2 hormones who take care of this ovulation process. They are called as Follicle stimulating Follicle which is responsible for the stimulation of ovaries to produce the follicle. A follicle is a sac like structure which holds the egg released by the ovaries. The other hormone is Luteinizing which helps the ovaries to produce the matured egg out for the process

The major problems this PCOD creates are

  • They form a small and more no of Cysts in the ovary.
  • The count of male hormones called androgen will be increased
  • Periods won’t be regular or even it will be skipped.

The name Polycystic is due many cysts will be formed. These cysts are like small in size and they are filled with fluid and shaped as a Sac.

When we look into the origin, there is no certain things to assure the originate of PCOD. Still there are many debates going on this topic. Around some 1970’s only PCOD was discovered with all the symptoms mentioned above. There are many reasons to be get affected by the PCOD. The major reason is that because of changing lifestyle. The food and style for daily life has changed a lot which is the main reason for the PCOD. In olden days PCOD was at the lower rate as years passed so many women are affected. Now days women are not worrying about the food they intake. Due to the gain in weight Is the key factor for increasing the hormonal imbalance in the body. So, Women should take care of their body well and check their periods cycle. If any problems occur as a girl or women don’t hesitate to consult the Gynecologist. 

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