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The World Of Pollution And PCOD

The World Of Pollution And PCOD

The environment around us plays a key role in determining our health conditions. In the present scenario where every bit of the world has experienced a great amount of pollution and is carrying a part the pollution in itself, deeper analysis and care must be taken to at least increase the longevity of a person. It is an immediate necessity that one takes care of the atmosphere they are living in to avoid the adverse effects of growing pollution. Polycystic Ovarian Disease oft called as PCOD is an imbalance of hormones that results in the formation of cysts. This is a chronic condition and at times leads to effects on other major body functions. When a woman is affected with PCOD, the chances of low infertility, miscarriages and irregular menstrual cycles. A variety of factors play a determinant role in the occurrence and prevalence of PCOD and PCOS. Genetic factors also have a major role to play in the determination of PCOD and PCOS, increasing the probability as the mother or other close relations such as aunt have PCOD/PCOS. The role of all these factors is undeniably high whereas those of the environment also are important. The alarming rise in pollution rates around the world has already resulted in immense damage to the environment at most parts. This has already begun affecting women and is bound to spread to others if not treated properly. A great amount of research is still being conducted in these fields to generate proper and provable results. The toxins present around the world are reason enough to estimate the growth of the negative effects of pollution on humankind.

Effect of Pollution on PCOD/PCOS

The growing pollution has introduced many toxins into the atmosphere making the air we breathe also polluted. These toxins play a very determining role in the occurrence and increase of PCOD/PCOS. A group of chemicals by the name endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDs) present in various toxins that are released by the factories and other sources of pollution are the major causes behind PCOD/PCOS. These chemicals also affect the water, especially due to the release of chemicals by pharmaceutical companies. These chemicals cause greater harm than the medicines themselves, in most cases affecting the reproductive system to an irreparable level. The cause of PCOD/PCOS is its side effect. These problems are inherently present in our day to day lives and it is highly impossible to acknowledge them owing to the growing pollution everywhere including the rural areas.


PCOD/PCOS has been claimed to be a disease that has no proper remedies in the medical field. All the medicines that the doctors give are said to only control the other effects of PCOD/PCOS. When we completed our 22 years of journey around the world, we were well acquainted with many spiritual leaders and their unique and harmless methods. These methods provided us with authentic and unique methods of solving the problems which no medical practitioner can claim valid. We use Talismans, Nashqs and Mantra chanting for making oneself free from the shackles of their problems. These problems do have solutions and most people do not explore them. The people who came near us to get themselves healed, were shocked with the results of our methods. The problems were brushed off as unsolvable and had been disturbing our believers for a long time. In a few cases, people suffering from PCOD for years had now found solutions in the most unexpected way. We decided that we need to expand our horizons further for establishing a proper place of trust where people can reach without much hesitation. We chose this online platform to showcase what all we have learned and the effects each treatment has on a person. We believe in doing good and being good. Come, join us in this beautiful mission and help us achieve our dream of every person being safe.

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