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What Causes Epilepsy?

What Causes Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disease that is caused due to damage in the brain. It is a disease that disrupts the normal function of the brain and causes trouble with body control. The epilepsy is a serious disease that causes abnormal behavior, sudden seizures, loss of sense and awareness. It is caused by various reasons.

Causes of Epilepsy

The disease has no specified reason to be caused. A lot of doctors believe there are certain factors due to which epilepsy is caused. But in many cases, the root cause of the disease is not identified. The disease can be caused by any reason and it completely depends on the type of seizure and the duration of the seizure to analyze the intensity of epilepsy. The seizures can be of any kind and can hurt a lot.

  1. Genetic transfer: some types of epilepsy disease is caused due to the gene mutation. It is transferred genetically or when there is a possibility of abnormal formation of the baby’s brain in the womb. The mother has to take care of the food she eats; any intake of alcohol may affect the formation of the brain and can cause epilepsy.
  2. The gene mutation may make few people be overly sensitive to senses and surroundings. They also slowly develop seizures if they have new surroundings where they can’t adjust. The seizures will also grow as they age. The seizures will have different intensity and can lead to many side effects.
  3. Head trauma can lead to epilepsy in very rare cases. Any car accidents or traumatic injury where you have hurt your brain will cause seizures. Mental trauma will also develop epilepsy. Those seizures are more harmful than other seizures.
  4. Brain conditions can also lead to epilepsy. Any brain stroke or tumors in the brain will lead to epilepsy. Strokes in the brain of adults will cause severe after effect of epilepsy. It is important to take great precautions after you have brain surgery.
  5. Infections or infectious diseases can also lead to epilepsy. It is just a possibility if you do not take care properly. Diseases like meningitis, AIDS and viral diseases like encephalitis will lead to epilepsy.
  6. A prenatal injury which is caused during the growth of the womb. The babies are sensitive to any outer infections or any accidents. Lack of oxygen also will make the baby develop a new set of seizures. Small problems during pregnancy may cause immense problems after birth. The brain damage will result in epilepsy or central palsy.
  7. Development disorders or growth disorders which will cause epilepsy. The disease will lead to irregular seizures which will grow overage.

Can Epilepsy be Cured?

This disease is very serious, and it needs a perfect cure. To heal this serious disease, we at Effective Healings have the best methods to heal. Our practitioners have roamed through many holy countries to learn the ancient and spiritual ways of healing. They have tested the methods and were very successful in healing the disease. Our methods have no side effects and no pain. We have simple ways to heal which will not give any future complications. We aim to cure you in the smoothest way possible.

Our Steps to Heal:

  1. Firstly, our practitioners will talk to you and examine your disease. They will analyze the level of epilepsy you are suffering from.
  2. They will calculate and decide the intensity and severity of the disease. Depending on that, they will give the best yantra to heal. Yantras are holy signified objects which have to be taken care of with belief and faith.
  3. You will start seeing changes in 7 days after wearing it. There will be significant changes and you will start developing a better outlook on life. You will not be very sensitive towards your seizure triggers.
  4. The yantra can be blessed with incense sticks and a prayer for faster recovery and healing.
  5. The yantra must be worn for at least 6 months to completely get rid of the disease.
  6. You can plant the yantra in the soil near a tree once you feel you are completely healed and that too only after consulting with the spiritual practitioner.
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