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What causes PCOD? Effective Healings Guide

What causes PCOD? Effective Healings Guide

PCOD is a hormonal disorder. It causes ovary enlargement forming small cysts on the outer edge of the ovaries. It mostly happens due to irregular mensural cycle and presence of excess of male hormones as known as Androgens. Though it was considered as rare syndrome in olden days, they have become common syndrome these days as most of the women are affected by it. It is a common problem that is been caused to women having or under going the child bearing age between 15-46. It is been scientifically proven that many women these days are suffering from PCOD and the worst part is an almost 70% of the women don’t know that they have PCOD.

What PCOD causes:

PCOD causes enlargement of ovaries and affects the reproductive organs that produce Oestrogen and Progesterone hormones which helps in regulating the mensural cycle. It causes;

  • Cysts in ovaries
  • Irregular periods
  • High level production of male hormones
  • Facial hair growth

What causes PCOD:

Doctors haven’t identified what exactly causes PCOD yet. They just believe that production of high number of male hormones in the body prevents the ovaries from producing hormones and may not allow it to produce eggs normally. It may also be because of genes, insulin resistance or inflammation as they are also related to or one of the causes for high production of male hormone. Obesity can also be a reason for PCOD

Some common symptoms of PCOD:

  • Irregular periods:

It is one of the major symptoms for PCOD. Women with PCOD lack ovulation which prevents thin lining from shedding blood. Researches have been proved that women with PCOD gets less than 8 periods a year.

  • Heavy bleeding:

Women’s having PCOD will get their periods very irregularly and the blood flow is always higher in them when compared to other healthy women’s.

  • Acne:

Acne is one of the most common symptoms found in women diagnosed with PCOD. Their skin tends to become very oily and their pores will become more open. They get pimples all over the face, may even get acne in the back and in the chest.

  • Overweight / Obese:

Women’s diagnosed with PCOD tends to put on weight easily due to hormonal imbalance. It is been scientifically proved that almost eighty percent of women diagnosed with PCOD are either overweight or obese.

  • Male-pattern baldness:

Most of these women’s hair tends to get thinner and their scalp gets or becomes weak and the hair starts shedding. Some women’s even go bald because of PCOD.

PCOD also causes other common and minor symptoms such as headache, hair growth in the face, cramps, etc.

How PCOD affects the body:

  • Infertility:

For a woman to become pregnant and to yield or give birth to a child, she needs to ovulate. Women’s with PCOD do not ovulateregular. And even if they ovulate, the eggs they produce are mostly not that fertile. So, fertility is a big problem for a woman having PCOD.

  • Sleep Apnoea:

It is a condition in which the person may find difficulties in breathing or there might be regular pauses in their breathing mechanism. This condition is more common in women who are over weight or obese especially, if they have PCOD. The risk of having this condition is 5-10% more in obese or over weighed women having PCOD than those over weighed women without PCOD.

  • Endometria problem:

During ovulation the uterine line sheds. But as an PCOD women cannot or does not ovulate regularly, the uterine line gets thickened by piling up. A thickened uterine line may increase the risk of causing diseases such as endometria cancer.

  • Depression:

Highly varying hormonal changes and the dreadful symptoms PCOD causes such as serve hair fall in the scalp, growth of facial hairs, oily skin; acne, etc. makes the women to undergo depression. It may also build up anxiety sometimes.


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