What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Disease?

What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Disease?

The polycystic ovarian disease is a very common health issue faced by many women these days. 8 out of every 10 women suffer from this disease irrespective of age and status. The disease is all about the imbalance of hormone production in the body which leads to many menstrual problems like irregular periods. This imbalance of hormones leads to immature ovaries and partially mature ovaries. This factor of partially or immature eggs will lead to a lot of complications and makes you infertile. Due to PCOD, many women become childless and face many side effects.

What are the exact causes of PCOD?

The exact causes of PCOD are not known but there are many factors that can lead to PCOD. The primary factors are:

Androgens levels:

The high levels of androgens in the body will lead to PCOD. Women produce small levels of androgens or male hormones. But a large number of male hormones in the body will disturb the body balance and it can reduce the production of female hormones. As the androgen levels grow, the male features start showing like facial hair, thicker hair growth on legs and hands and thinning hair on the head. The androgen levels in the body will prevent the release of the ovaries and fertilizing them. This can hinder the menstrual cycle and cause many complications. Due to the increased androgen levels, acne is formed everywhere like on the face, upper back, and soft tissues.

Increased levels of insulin:

Insulin is produced to control the sugar levels in the body and works on the break down of food into energy. When blood cells start resisting or not responding to the insulin produced, it is called insulin resistance. Due to the resistance, the insulin is produced more and is found in excess levels in the bloodstream. This increased insulin will hinder the process of releasing eggs. Insulin in bloodstreams at a higher level also leads to obesity and overweight and unhealthy food habits also lead to PCOD. Anyone with a family history of diabetes will tend to develop PCOD over time. Either type of diabetes can cause a PCOD problem.

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Effective Healings Steps to Healing?

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  3. Consume it consecutively for 7 days.
  4. Show the bottle of honey with Incense and pray for your healing.
  5. After consuming for 7 days, you can feel a massive change in the body.
  6. The difference is immediately seen and noted without fail. The mantras will make your body feel light and help your ovaries heal in no time.
  7. Keep the bottle at a clean place.
  8. For better results, consume it empty stomach and have it 3-4 days prior to your menstrual dates.

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