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What Is PCOD?

What Is PCOD?

PCOD or Polycystic ovarian is a disease where the ovaries or eggs are not matured or partially matured. These eggs become cysts, This is a very common disease faced by many females in today’s generation. You will find at least 5 out of 10 females to be suffering from this disease. It causes irregular menstrual flow or at times no menstruation flow at all.  The disease can even lead to heavy bleeding, abnormal development of pimples or acne all over the body. This disease is caused at a very advanced rate in females who are teens to 30 years.

 It is purely due to the growing unhealthy food habits, pollution and females even develop this due to irregular sleeping habits. PCOD is a growing disease among teens of today.

What are the Clinical Sign and Symptoms of PCOD?

Irregular menstrual occurrence: females with this disease usually have reduced menstrual bleeding also known as oligomenorrhoea, absence of menstrual bleeding also known as amenorrhoea and long duration of menstrual bleeding.  Many females face any one of the above.

The increased male hormones androgens are also a symptom of this disease. It can lead to more acne on the face and delicate tissue areas. More hair loss is visible and feeling weak or fatigue is common.

There are high chances of miscarriage and infertility of the egg when a female is diagnosed with this disease. The eggs are either immature or partially mature which reduces the chances of forming a zygote.

Another common symptom is the body weight. Obesity in teens these days leads to polycystic ovarian disease. The increased waste due to fat puts pressure on the fallopian tubes which restricts the blood flow and formation of matured eggs. The distribution of fat is one of the leading problems for this disease. Insulin secretion also reduces. This all will lead to irregular menstrual cycles.

Due to this many women become childless, but we are here to bring joy into your lives. We at Effective Healings bring the simple spiritual process to help you heal and recover the disease in no time. We consist of spiritual Indian practitioners who traveled for 22 years to learn the finest methods of healing.  We take you through a spiritual journey where cure is assured and promised with no pain.

We use sacred Mantras, Yantras, Talismans, and Naqsh to help you heal spiritually. We came up with the curing methods only after we tested and experimented on various diseases. We with the best results decided to help the generation towards safer and best ways of healing.

How to Cure Through Mantras?

We bring the best methods to heal and cure. Our spiritual practitioners are trained well with all the techniques to heal you with absolutely no pain and scar. They came up with simple procedures to cure the disease many females today face. It is common for women from the age of 16 to face this disease. We help them cure with no side effects and future complications. We use a simple process:

  1. Firstly, our practitioners will analyze your problem and calculate the intensity of the issue. They will then understand and find the best solution for you.
  2. Then we will send you a bottle of honey which is charged with the mantras. You will have to take it 3 to 4 days before your expected menstrual date. Since it is completely natural, there are no side effects after consuming it.
  3. It is very important you consume it for the next 7 days without fail.
  4. The healing is more fruitful when the honey is blessed with incense sticks and pray for good health. The divine belief in mantras will affect the impact on your healing.
  5. After consuming for 7 days, you can feel a tremendous change in the body. You can even notice the menstrual flow after consuming it.
  6. The difference is immediately seen and noted without fail. The mantras will make your body feel light and help your ovaries to get matured in no time.
  7. It is very important that the honey bottle charged with Mantras is kept in a very safe and clean place where no one can touch with dirty hands. The mantra bottle is holy.
  8. For more effective results, you can consume it on empty stomach before 3 to 4 days and see the tremendous difference. This will make it faster to make you more fertile.

We at Effective healings bring to you the best ways to heal in a divine path.

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