What is the Story Behind the Evil Eye?

What is the Story Behind the Evil Eye?

The concept of Evil eye originates from the Turkish sands where it is called the Nazar. The Nazar impact stretches from the Turkish sands to Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome till today. The word Nazar comes from the Arabic word which means a hostile glance or glare. The glare will only shoot the curse when it is filled with greed, envy, and hatred. The victim might lose whatever is very precious to them like health, wealth, happiness and fame.

The evil eye focuses on destroying the fortunate things with no apparent reasons. It was first noticed and analyzed by Turkish travelers. They understood the power of the evil eye. They prayed to various gods to protect them from the evil eye casted by the monster and evil deity. Since then the power of evil eye is widespread.

It is told that many droughts and lack of oasis in the deserts of Egypt and Greece were caused by Evil eyes cast by the witches and monks. There are many pharaohs who cast a curse of evil eye if they didn’t get what they wanted in their tombs. All over Greece, Evil eye is taken very seriously.

In turkey, the Nazar or Evil eye is casted off with a blue eye symbol. You will notice the blue eye symbol hanging over every house to protect from the evil eye. Many cultures have eye symbols to cast off the Evil eye. The Eye symbol is used because it is believed that the best way to protect the evil eye is through an eye that can absorb the evilness.

Historians link the blue eye of Turks with the sky god Tengri. And for Greeks, it is the god Ra. The eyes worshiped on an extensive scale to protect them from every disaster that could possibly come. There are references of Evil eye even in the Bible. The old and new testament refers to the Evil eye in many conversations between Paul and others.

What is the Evil Eye reference in modern times?

In this era, many philosophers and scientists have referred and mentioned the power of the evil eye. the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci told the significance of the evil eye during his time. The African president, Martin Luther King emphasized the power of evil eye to his pupils and enlightened the need of having happy thoughts towards everyone and only pray for their happiness.

In modern days, Evil eye is casted by everyone intentionally and unintentionally as our society is very judgmental. We decide and do not respect other people’s emotions and choices. This can hurt people on the receiving end. The jealousy and greed at one’s better life is very harmful to the person.

Evil eye is very common but can cause extreme cases of bad luck. It can affect in ways it cannot be anticipated. You will start facing downfall very unexpectedly. In the cases of babies or children, they will start falling sick suddenly and cry every time. it is not easy to protect from evil eye without any assistance. We need yantras and mantras to heal and protect from Evil eye.

Can Yantras Heal the Problem of Evil Eye?

We at effective healings bring you the simplest methods and easier ways to heal. We bring you the ways to heal through a holistic journey. We take you through the spiritual journey where we use mantras and yantras to protect you from the evil eye. Evil eye is very harmful, and it can cause you too much misfortune and lead you to injury or accident.

We bring you the safe methods that will not have any side effects and will not need you to strain from any tedious poojas or any other methods. We help you to learn the spiritual methods to heal with no pain but full gain. Our procedures are simple and easy for you to follow and execute in daily life.

Effective Healings Steps to Healing:

  1. Firstly, to heal your evil eye’s, we will examine you and the intensity of your evil eye. And then our experts will select the best yantra for you.
  2. Depending on your intensity, the yantra will be selected and charged for you. The specified yantra can only be used by you.
  3. Re-charge the Yantra or Taweez with the fragrance of incense once every week or if possible 3-4 times in a week. Or if you can follow the routine of every day then the results are even faster.

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