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Who is Prone to PCOD?

Who is Prone to PCOD?

PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease is very common today. It is caused due to hormonal imbalance and causes metabolism issues in the body. It affects the overall performance of the body. It hurts you and makes you go through too much mental stress and pressure. It is very common among women today and it leads to various other diseases and causes too many complications in the long run. This disease can lead to infertility.

Which Age Group is More Prone to PCOD?

From teens to women of 40 are prone to polycystic ovarian disease. 5 out of ten women out there are suffering from PCOD. Many of them find out about this disease in the late ’20s or ’30s. This disease can attack any age group. It can be genetically transferred but that is rare.

Many women face PCOD due to unhealthy food habits. They eat food that can increase blood pressure and cause obesity. Due to the lack of nutrition in the body, the ovaries will not have enough nutrients or protein to make the eggs mature.

Women of any race, gender or nationality have the risk of suffering from this disease PCOD. It can harm anyone who is not having a good diet. Your diet must contain rich proteins, iron content, zinc, and fibers. These nutrients help the blood circulation and make you healthier. Intake of this rich nutrient food will keep you fit and healthy.

Many teens today are stuck to computers and tv’s which makes them obese. There is no exercise or physical movement which stops blood circulation at certain places. You will need to have healthy habits to reduce obesity and prevent any blockages in your veins. It is important for women to have good physical exercise and develop healthy eating habits. You will have a tremendous change in the body when you change your lifestyle to a very healthy one.

PCOD can also be acquired genetically and this needs to be taken care of immediately when the female hits puberty. In the case of genetic PCOD, you need to start medication and follow only good food habits. It will prevent complications.

It is very important for women to take care of their health when they start facing irregular periods or menstrual cycles. They need to take more iron food and take supplements. All the medications will have side effects without fail.

Women with acne or great hair fall might have started developing PCOD. It is important to take immediate steps towards it. Teens who gain weight fast and can’t lose it also tend to have started developing PCOD. To heal this typical disease which can create many complications, we bring you the best way to heal and be free of this illness.

Heal through spiritual path!

We at Effective healings have the best solutions to heal you with no pain or scar and help you to get well soon in no time. We have traveled far to various places and learned the ways to heal diseases through holy mantras and prayers. With simple ways, we can heal you with your belief in God. Our spiritual journey will make you better in no time and bring the best in you. Our main concern is your health and we work towards it with utmost dedication. Our methods are very simple, and we make your process easy too. We do not have any serious medications that can give you any side effects.

Steps to Healing :

  1. We will bring our experts to understand the intensity of your problem.
  2. Our experts then will analyze your problem and come with the best mantra for you.
  3. They will take that mantra and infuse it in honey and put in the bottle and send it you.
  4. You can consume it 3 to 4 days before your expected period cycle and feel the tremendous change in your body.
  5. It is better when you can bless the bottle of honey charged with Mantra a prayer and the smell of incense sticks.
  6. The more belief you put on your mantra the faster you can heal and cure your disease.
  7. This method doesn’t harm you or give you any side effects. It will take you into the divine journey of Holiness.
  8. You can be free of Polycystic ovary disease in no time. And we will also help you become fertile.

We bring you the best way to heal through the holy path that God has created and cure you in the best way possible in the least time possible. 

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