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Why PCOD is Deadly?

Why PCOD is Deadly?

The answer for this question will be varying form one person to another. There are so many affected by this or some lucky women are affected by PCOD but it does not cause any adverse effects on them. So, for each woman it is varies. But a general thing is PCOD is a severe one unless if you are not treating well. Even some of the PCOD will be turned into Cancer.

Comparison with PCOS

  • When compared to PCOS, the women affected with PCOD is less.
  • PCOS is more severe than PCOD. Now adays PCOD is more common among the women.
  • PCOS is due to metabolic disorders but PCOD is not.
  • More than half of the women in the world is affected with PCOD.
  • Compared to PCOD, PCOS leads to many diseases like heart attack and so on.
  • PCOS can be diagnosed easily at the early stage than PCOD
  • Women affected by the PCOD will have some problems in the Fertility. With the proper medication they can get conceive. On the other hand, women with PCOS will struggle a lot to get Pregnant. Even some times it may lead to a greater number of miscarriages.
  • The women affected with PCOD can still ovulate properly and regularly.
  • Some of the symptoms of PCOS are similar to PCOD but they still ovulate regularly.

What ever be the issue whether it is PCOS or PCOD sudden increase or decrease in the body and in taking of lot junk foods will sure lead to this issue. Every one should have a healthy diet and regular exercise will sure avoid this problem. These problems are caused due to the change in the lifestyle.

Some of the possible effects of PCOD

  • When women are affected with PCOD they have any one of the issues for sure in their body.
  • They have an abnormal bleeding in urine.
  • Mainly it leads to the Infertility.
  • Even it leads to the Endometrial cancer.
  • There will be some changes in the Psychological like over stressed or depression.
  • It causes metabolic syndrome.
  • Even a woman is affected with PCOD it leads to the miscarriage or pre mature birth of the child.

It is considered to be the endocrine issues in the female. Especially the ages from 18 to 44 will be affected where 20% of the women are affected so easily. Even some times it is considered to be hereditary disorder. There are some proof for this hereditary disorder.

Some of the ways to diagnose it

Based upon the Symptoms that your body shows can help the Doctors to diagnose earlier.

  • As I mentioned all the symptoms above, your body will show any one of the symptoms.
  • What ever be the disease, you must consult the particular doctor as soon as possible so that it can be diagnosed soon.
  • There are some of the examinations done by the doctor like they will examine your pelvic regions to test the reproductive organs.
  • Some of the test like blood test, test to check the cholesterol level, to check the glucose tolerance and the levels of triglyceride. Even these people are advised to take some ultrasound. The reason why they are asked to take ultrasound is to check the lining of the uterus and have a look on the appearance of the uterus.

As I said before it will affect the pregnancy of the women.

  • Ovulation process will not be proper.
  • Some of the pregnancy cases are leads to the miscarriages.
  • There will be an increase in the Cesarean section’s indications.
  • It causes gestational diabetes for the affected women.
  • These issues can be decreased if the follow during their pregnancy period
  • Always these ladies are advised to have a healthy food.

Before getting pregnancy, women should take care of their weight. Their weight be normal one.

  • At the time of pregnancy or before the pregnancy they should maintain their normal blood sugar levels. If it fails then it will affect our body a lot even it leads to the miscarriage.
  • Optimal level of iron count in the body.
  • The lifestyle which protects us PCOD
  • Have to exercise regularly to maintain our weight.
  • Have to maintain the diet.

Though PCOD has no definite treatment still they are many people live a normal life. If they follow a proper medications and suggestions given by their doctor. Though the advancement of technology PCOD people are able to get conceives with the help of IVF. So, make sure of your lifestyle and diet which you consume daily. After referring so many articles I conclude that PCOD is not deadly disease. It is caused by our mistakes which we do.

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