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Will PCOD Affect Child Birth?

Will PCOD Affect Child Birth?

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) or Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) Is a common syndrome/ disorder that is found in women in the age varying from 15-45. More than 70% of women these days are undergoing PCOD without even realizing or identifying the syndrome. There is a very less chance of an women having PCOD to get pregnant. And the risk factors and complications behind these women giving birth to the child is very high. However, giving them proper treatment and having a control over the symptoms can make the women easy to get pregnant and give birth to a child without further or less complications and can have a healthy child.

PCOD being a syndrome affects only the women who are in their menstruating age, does not affect young children. Hence, it only affects the women diagnosed with PCOD to give birth to children. PCOD is nothing but expansion of ovary and formation of small cysts all over the edge of the ovary. It causes production of inner female hormones randomly in the body making it imbalance. It increases male hormone production in the body when in turn prevents the ovary causing menstruation. It affects the women’s menstrual cycle, their fertility rate and even the physical appearance of the women’s body.

Women’s diagnosed with PCOD tends to gain weight, they either become over weight or some even become obese. The hormonal changes in the body sometimes even alter the structural appearance of the face. These hormonal changes also make the skin oilier. It makes the face oil giving rise to acne and pimples. Acne, pimples, and even hair tends to develop all over the body. It increases and thickens the body and facial hair and thins or even causes bald of scalp. PCOD even makes the body insulin resistive. The body does not take up insulin to the body. Instead cholesterol gears up in the body.

PCOD are generally diagnosed in later stages sometimes, it is mostly diagnosed or identified only in the later age when they get married and when they are not able to give birth to a child. More over doctors and scientists are still haven’t found the actual reason behind the causing of PCOD syndrome or disorder. They believe that PCOD is caused due to hormonal disorder or hormonal imbalance. They also say that genetic and inflammation may also be a reason behind getting PCOD. Diabetic women may also tend to get affected by PCOD these days.

As PCOD affects the regular mensural cycle, the chances of a women getting pregnant is very less. And even if she gets pregnant, the risk of she giving birth to the child without any problem is very high. The confirmation of PCOD in a woman actually takes a lot of time as the symptoms behind the confirmation of PCOD is massive. There are more symptoms and most of them are connected my other health problems. Women suffering from PCOD may also end up getting severe depression due to hormonal changes and due to the changes in the physical appearance such as body weight, appearance of pimples and acne all over the body, changes in facial expression, body hair, baldness of scalp etc. They make the person more depressed and gives anxiety. 


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