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A. You can use it along with your Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatment. Though, you will not need any of these treatments once you wear it.

A. No. Mental Retardation requires congenital evidence to be proven to occur. It can either occur due to developmental deflects or due to injury at birth but an epilepsy is just a religion of a seizure which is an acquired disease.

A. Yes, it is quite possible. If effective and sustained treatment is not taken then the patient will continue to experience seizures that will in turn develop into epileptic attacks in future.

A. A seizure is a single episode where the neural system containing the neurotransmitters shows hype excitement. If this becomes habitual due to negligence then there are repeated episodes of seizure that is called Epilepsy.

A. In India, epilepsy is not considered a disability. This means that there is no separate licensing for epilepsy patients although it is advised that the applicant clears all medical history before submitting a license application.

A. No, epilepsy is not a disability, its a disease which can be healed through our Mantra, Yantra & Naqsh.

A. Yes. Epilepsy will cause the patient's neurons and neurotransmitter undergo a hyper excitable change. This can cause the unwanted firing of neurons which is not suitable for cognition at all.

A. Since a part of the neural system shows abnormality, treating epilepsy with Effective Healing's methods will not only cure the disease but also make you amazed by the results.

A. Yes. Again if early intervention and proper management is not done for the patient then the patient is bound to show neural symptoms of the disease, of which, paralysis is one.

A. Although they produce symptoms of similar nature, the pathology and physiology of fits, seizure and epilepsy are quite different.



Thanks to the treatment, I recovered from the disease much more quickly.


Highly effective, treatment worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!


Coming on this website was a miracle for me. My prolonging disease finally subdued thanks to the treatments offered here.