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A. You can use it along with your Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatment. Though, you will not need any of these treatments once you wear it.

A. Seizures always occur suddenly and get resolved on their own after sometime. Since epilepsy is a simple repitition of the seizure attacks, thus, even epilepsy has a sudden onset.

A. One must not underestimate the concept of evil eye by stating it as a superstition. It is very much true and surrounding us every time in life.

A. No. It was the pre historic experts like Hippocrates and Aristotle who had first reported the presence of such a vibe around a person.

A. The practitioners say that people who are jealous of someone release harmful radiations from their eyes which have the ability to go and wreck havoc in the life of the person toward which they are aimed.

A. Any sudden onset of deteriorating health, loss of money, deaths etc. Are clear indicators of affliction by an evil eye of the individual.

A. Effective healings has come up with ornaments, talisman and Naqsh for the treatment of evil eye. The modality repels the evil eye from the person who wears them.

A. Yes. Evil Eye is more often than not aimed at physical aspect of a person’s body and it’s affliction can certainly bring about a health hazard in the life of the person.

A. No. Intact, even before the Indians the people of Greek and the Central Africans were obtained that said that the evil eye really exists.

A. Ornaments are not simple structures that are given to the patient. It is after prayers and yagyas that they are prepared to repel the evil eye effectively.

A. Yes. Many times unknowingly we praise a family member and their achievements so much that they get afflicted by our evil eye although we may not have a certain intention to do so.

A. Unanimity has been found in all religions as far as the concept of the Evil Eye is considered.



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