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Instructions for use :


  1. We will send you a bottle of mantra infused honey and you have to start consuming it 3-4 days before expected monthly cycle. There are no side effects as we use only natural ingredients and the best brands of honey.
  2. Use it continuously for 7 days.
  3. It is advisable to bless the honey with incense sticks and pray for good health.
  4. Results will be visible in 7 days.
  5. Keep it in a clean place where no one with dirty hands can touch it.
  6. For shocking results, consume it early in the morning in an empty stomach 3-4 times, every 4-5 hours.


Q: Can I buy a bottle of honey and use it at home on my own?
A: No doubt, honey is good for health. However, for it to heal, we infuse it with the powers from the mantras. This is why results are produced within 7 days.
Q: I have my periods only for two days or less. Will this help me?
A: Generally, a healthy woman loses 30-40 mm blood during every menstrual cycle. One pad can absorb up to 5 mm, so around 6-8 pads must be used in one cycle. Using any less is considered unhealthy. Through our methods, we heal such ill health and it’s effects are prolonged.
Q: Is less menstrual blood dangerous?
A: Yes, it is dangerous as it invites a lot of illnesses and leads to irritation in women.
Q: What causes less menstrual blood?
A: It is due to unhealthy Diet, hormonal imbalance, obesity, lack of sleep/rest and so on.