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Instructions for use :


  1. You have to wear the yantra around your neck. If you do not want others to see it, you may use a long thread. 
  2. You are advised to bless it with incense sticks and pray for good health before using it. 
  3. We advise you to wear it for at least 2 weeks. However, results are visible within 48 hours of use. There are no side effects.
  4. Do not throw it away after it’s use. Instead, bury it in a clean place near a plant or a tree.


Q: Does it work on Khooni and Badi Bawaseer?
A. This will work effectively on both types of Bawasir.
Q: I am currently under Ayurvedic medication as well. Do I have to stop that in order to undertake this method?
Ans. You can use it along with your Ayurvedic or Allopathic treatment. Though, you will not need any of these treatments once your wear it.
Q: What are the causes of Bawasir?
A: Oily/spicy food, lack of rest/sleep and other bad habits are the cause of this illness. It is also common during or after pregnancy.